Some terms about Chinese new year in English

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臘月 the twelfth moon of the lunar year.
年貨 food and other articles for use during the New Year season(Nienhuo).
除舊佈新to remove the old and introduce the new.
除夕 Lunar New Year's Eve.
年糕 New Year pudding made of glutinous rice flour
春聯 couplets written on strips of red paper and pasted around door panels during the Lunar New Year (usually containing words of luck).
年畫 drawings or picture sold in lunar new year for good luck.
平安順利 peace and smoothly, easy, having no trouble.
財神爺 the God of Wealth; Mammon.
財源滾滾 source of finance and no end.
祭祀 to honor by a service or rite; to offer sacrifices to .
祖先 ancestors; forebears; forefathers.
神靈 gods; spirits.
慎終思遠 thoroughgoing about the funeral rites for parents and the worship of ancestors.
飲水思源 When one drinks water, one thinks of its source-grateful for favors received;not to forget one's origin.
團圓 to reunite; reunion (esp. of a family).
年夜飯 New Year's Eve dinner.
紅包 red package(also called壓歲錢).
拜年 to call on others and offer New Year's greetings.
恭喜 Congratulations!
國曆 national calendar (of the Republic of China) (also called 陽曆 solar calendar) .
農曆 farmer's calendar(also called 陰曆 lunar calendar).
麻將 mahjong pieces.
沖天炮 to shoot up to the sky.
舞龍舞獅 dragon dance(a team of men dancing with a cloth-made dragon on Chinese festivals) and lion daance(a two-man team dancing inside a paper-made lion on Chinese festivals).
吉利 be lucky; be propitious.
元宵節 The story of the Lantern Fesfival.
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