What's wrong??

Posted by SoutheLily on 2012/6/6 8:56:27
Debug!! ^^


1. The bride is much elder than the groom. 新娘比新郎年長許多。

2. A voyage from London to Paris can be done by train. 從倫敦到巴黎的旅程可以搭火車。

3. She was a coward on the stage, and could not utter a word. 她怯場到一個字也說不出來。

4. I made an apology, and tried to have good relationship with my co-workers again after a heated argument. 在激烈的爭論後,我向同事們道歉以重修舊好。

5. Your estimate of the market is way terribly wrong. 你對市場的評估錯得離譜。

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