Re: What's wrong??

Posted by Elinor on 2012/6/8 23:08:25
Hi, Glot,


2. A voyage from London to Paris can be done by train.

A journey from London to Paris can be made by train.
A trip from London to Paris can be made/taken by train.

3. She was a coward on the stage, and could not utter a word.

She was frightened on stage, and ......
She had stage fright, and ......

4. I made an apology, and tried to have good relationship with my co-workers again after a heated argument.

I made apologies, and tried to repair/fix the relationship with my co-workers after a heated argument.

5. Your estimate of the market is way terribly wrong.

estimate 可以改成 evaluation 嗎?
market 可以改成 marketing 嗎?
off the trails 可以改成 off the trail 嗎?


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