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Posted by glotynn on 2012/6/9 20:57:48
2. A voyage from London to Paris can be done by train.

A journey from London to Paris can be made by train.
A trip from London to Paris can be made/taken by train.

本句的改錯重點並不在於done, 妳所用的這些動詞都可以靈活使用.

3. She was a coward on the stage, and could not utter a word.

She was frightened on stage, and ......
意思不同於怯場, 變成她在舞台上受到(某事物的)驚嚇....

She had stage fright, and ......
had, got, caught, 或felt都可以, suffered from也行.

4. I made an apology, and tried to have good relationship with my co-workers again after a heated argument.

I made apologies, and tried to repair/fix the relationship with my co-workers after a heated argument.

repair多用於實體事物, fix倒是可以.

5. Your estimate of the market is way terribly wrong.

estimate 可以改成 evaluation 嗎?

market 可以改成 marketing 嗎?
可以, 但marketing是行銷方式而非市場情勢.

off the trails 可以改成 off the trail 嗎?
off the trail是「失去蹤跡」, 意思不太適合;
off the rails是「偏離常軌; 脫離正道」, 符合句意.


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