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小人是一個典型的陰謀家。 他是一個異常聰明和精通陰謀的邪惡歹徒。 小人缺乏價值觀念並且總是危害他人。 他使用歹毒的招數來自娛,而對自己能夠勝過他人沾沾自喜。 然而, 他習慣說謊的傾向有時候出賣了他自己,導致別人看穿了他的計畫。 他如此的背信忘義,貌似忠誠,平時貪生怕死,終究賣友求榮。 他會一時衝動,像個瘋子似的與人搏鬥。

人們把小人包括那些利用虛偽來達到目的的偽君子,以及騙取女姓傾慕的人來相提並論。他也許會承諾回報他人,但實際上卻從不執行。 他是個奪取他人榮耀的騙子,若不是藉由他人之力去完成,就是誇耀不是屬於他的榮耀。 他也是個典型的精神病者。他缺乏對他人的憐憫心,並且會利用令人難以置信的奸詐手段來操控他人。 他是個邪惡的天才,善於將自己的聰明用在利己的目的,或傷害他人的手段。 表面上他看來是好人一個,但是一旦他背叛你,你是很難事先察覺及防備他的。

A villain is typically brilliant and clever, and a master schemer. He lacks value and is always up to mischief. He plays tricks simply to entertain himself so he can marvel at his own ability and domination over others. He is an archetypal betrayer, seemingly to be on your side but eventually betraying you to the enemy.

One would equate a villain to a hypocrite who uses plebeianism to get what he wants, including favors from ladies. He may promise much in return, but in fact gives nothing. He seeks to usurp the glory of others, either by claiming to have done what others did, or otherwise by claiming some other greatness that does not rightly belong to him. He is also psychopathic, one who has the classic symptom of a psychopath. He lacks empathy for others and combines his cunningness to manipulate others in unbelievably callous ways. He is an evil genius, very clever in turning his ingenuity to selfish and harmful means. The tendency for lying, however, sometimes betrays him and lays bare his scheme. He appears to be good, right up until the moment of betrayal, making him very difficult to detect and defeat.

他在施計時,會考慮到各種的結果和可能性, 甚至故意地在冒用受害者名字時,露出破綻來陷害他們。他也許會使用受害者的名字或其他卑鄙的標誌來侮辱對方並掩飾自己。 這個邪惡的小人有他自己的一套陰謀詭計,並且逐步施行。他也設置陷阱讓那些粗心者掉入圈套, 意圖欺騙誤信者誤入歧途。

A villain allows for every eventuality including deliberately being caught in the act using an assumed name. He may also leave a signature, such as using his victims’ names or some other despicable symbols as an insult to his targets as well as a camouflage for himself.

This unholy character has his own agenda and executes it closely. He sets traps to ensnare the unwary and ply false trust to lead the naive astray.

對付小人,必須以智謀擊敗他每個奸計,包括避開他設下的誤導和圈套。 一旦被揭發,他會顯得非常怯懦,且在壓力下容易失態尖叫。尤其當他發狂時, 就很難打敗他。他會瞬間不再怯懦,甚至會鋌而走險,完全不顧自己的安危。

明白了小人的性格和邪惡意圖以後, 君子就不會笨到跟他有所牽扯, 甚至把他逼到角落。 畢竟,小人無藥可救,君子最好還是離他遠遠的方為上策。

To deal with a villain, one must outwit him at every turn, including avoiding the snares and false trails that he leaves behind.

When exposed, he acts very cowardly and will squeal easily under pressure. But when he turns fanatic, it is difficult to defeat him, as he momentarily strays from his hitherto cowardice and puts his mission above his own safety and fight like a madman at the spur-of-the-moment.

Given what a villain is and what his evil intentions are, one knows better than engage or even corner him.

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