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Posted by Elinor on 2011/12/7 0:11:20

Rony wrote:

Rony, the fruits are edible.


‧科名: 禾本科(Poaceae)梨果竹屬(Melocanna)

‧別名: 梨竹


‧分佈: 廣泛栽植全台低海拔地區。

‧用途: 1.工藝材,造紙,編織,竹葉為釀酒原料。2.食用:果實可食,惜 30 年以上才結果。


Melocanna baccifera


This species is used for building houses, for making woven ware and as an important source of superior paper pulp. Highly suitable for kraft paper making. The culms are strong, durable with inconspicuous nodes. 'Tabasheer' an ancient elixir of Manipur can be isolated from the culms and branches. Fruits are edible. The culms are used for making floats to transport wooden logs. Enormous logs can be transported by these floats.

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