Re: I take "a" bus to school. Vs I take "the" bus to school.

Posted by montanius on 2013/11/27 2:18:26
Hi gogogo,

I take a bus to school = I go to school by bus.

(It also may mean that there are several buses or bus routes to the school, and I pick one of these.)

I take the bus to school - here the ones invovlved the conversation know that there is one bus (or one bus route) which takes to the scool, and I take this specific bus; here we talk about the "bus to school", or more precisely the "bus which goes to the school".

(It also may mean there are several different means of transportation to the school, and I pick the bus.)

I make a shy attempt to express it in Chinese...



But I am not sure... Fortunately we have Yunqing here...

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