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Posted by Tim Luo on 2006/3/8 17:55:09

glotynn wrote:


他的姨媽過世, 留下億元財產. 他曾通告全城, 希望能醫治他姨媽的病, 於是有一位醫師前來醫治他姨媽. 第二天, 億元財產竟不翼而飛, 他懷疑是那醫師幹的, 並以此非議醫師. 醫師由於他的懷疑, 竟上吊自殺來去除他的懷疑. 他倚靠在椅子上來回想此事, 想到自己因億元財產失蹤而非議他的醫師, 竟也想不開而上吊身亡了. 唉, 也是太奇怪了!

Tim, 我譯得對嗎?

Very Good. Only 伊詣邑 is not its literal meaning. The literal meaning should be "he went to the city." But MJ's translation does not change what the whole article wants to say at all.

By the way, the title of this article should be 遺鎰疑醫.


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