Re: Happy New Year by ABBA

Posted by montanius on 2014/1/1 22:12:27
Wow, as you asked I checked the rates... Well, it surprised me... Now, the Sweeds are not suicide at all. Or maybe it is for the advenaced prevention system? (I read in Norway the state supports the depressed to travel to warmer countries.)

Well, up to now did not care for resolutions - I am inclined to forget them... But as you asked I made a decision: I put aside my inborn shyness and will send synopses of my stories to smaller film companies...
(I mean in English. Let them enjoy my exotic sentences.)

Heyy, I posted the Doris Lessing quote to provoke you (and Yana), ha-ha... (I am soo naughty!...)


julia1492 wrote:
Hahaha, painful happiness..... That's so sweet (or shall we say, Sweed)? Is the northern country still having a high suicidal rate? Happy New Year to you, my friend. What is your new resolution?

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