Re: Shanghai Restoration Project - 绿豆汤

Posted by montanius on 2015/2/11 2:37:55
Hm, for me for the very first listening Hainanese is much closer to Mandarin (than Shanghainese). I think this can be understood for Mandarin speakers.

5 years ago - even 4 years ago - I confused Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese... All the languages around there sounded the same (except Korean as I had Korean friends). - Now I see the difference at once, I mean at once I see if it is Mandarin or not and I see if it is a Chinese dialect.

Sometimes you should force yourself to think in that dialect. Just for practice. Just for fun. - One of the biggest regrets in my life is that I have forgotten the Spanish... It was better than my Hungarian at 6...

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