Re: Shanghai Restoration Project - 绿豆汤

Posted by montanius on 2015/2/12 5:00:14
I feared you'd be surprised...
At some parts it sounds Mandarin to me... Maybe because my Mandarin is too poor, I don't know, he pronounces 是 as 'shi', while people in Taiwan say 'si', in other words he knows how to pronounce "sh".) Somehow "South Chinese" people don't like this voice.
Shanghainese simply doesn't sound Chinese. If I hadn't known it was Shanghaiese I would have guessed it was Vietnamese or something...

As for Spanish, I unintentionally change to English when I could use it. I can read in Spanish, I can even listen to radio or watch films. At the moment I am much more interested in Chinese, it is a new love.

Yes, our names. I guess I know the reason why it is like that, maybe I already talked here about it...
In the medieval age in Europe people used only the given name. But as big cities developed and many people moved to them to study at the universities, for making difference between them they stated using the name of the place they had come from. Leonardo da Vinci is from Vinci, Vasco da Gama is from Gama. In Hungarian the word order at a "possessor and possessed" is reversal - just like in Chinese.

A man named Peter who is from Oxford = Peter of Oxford

This "Peter of Oxford" would be "Oxfordi Péter" in Hungarian, and I guess this is why in all kind of names (no matter if it describes a quality or a profession) we have this pattern. --- Though, many peole state it is because we are from the East, but I think that is impossible.)

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