Re: Shanghai Restoration Project - 绿豆汤

Posted by Yunqing on 2015/2/12 23:42:07
@ Montanius: The song is mostly in Mandarin. (News in Hainanese, this Hainanese accent is the "standard" Hainanese-Wenchang dialect)
My family speaks another accent.

Most Southern Chinese don't differentiate "sh", "ch", "zh", "n" & "ng" too well, not just Taiwan. It's the same in SG too.

I can pronounce accurately if I want to, but some people might find such accuracy too "Chinese (China)". Haha!

It's good to know someone who is passionate about Chinese language. Hopefully you can influence more people to learn Chinese.

I read that ancient Magyar tribes could have moved towards the west from the Ural Mountains, but it's highly debatable. I am not going to start a discussion on that. Haha!

@ Kathy: 我觉得还挺有意思。哈哈!

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