Re: Shanghai Restoration Project - 绿豆汤

Posted by montanius on 2015/2/13 5:28:14
Ok, sincerely, the news is really "Chinese for me" - in Hungarian we say "It's Chinese for me" when we don't understand something at all...
电台, 就。。。 I can pick only some words. In sounding it seems to be close to Cantonese (for my ears).

"Most Southern Chinese don't differentiate "sh", "ch", "zh", "n" & "ng" too well, not just Taiwan. It's the same in SG too." - Oh, I really didi not know this! Interesting! - Maybe because I mostly listened Beijing programs, when these voices are distingueshed it is much easier to understand (Mixing up 's' and 'sh', and 'z' and 'zh' is my biggest problem). I know many people in the South don't like Mandarin and don't like that 儿, I myself find it very funny.

"I can pronounce accurately if I want to, but some people might find such accuracy too "Chinese (China)". Haha!"

This reminds me the situation when English speaking people try to speak as clear and slow as possible to make themselves understandable. It is so cute.

Hm, most people give up Chinese very soon. As I am mazochist I enjoyed the very first year when I had no any sense of achievement - (now I learn this too: 成就感)
(Well, it was and it is still a kind of magic. And people look up to me when they hear I learn/speak Chinese)

Ok, let me tell you a funny thing about Hungarians:
匈牙利中的<匈> is 匈奴的匈, it must have got to the Chinese from one of the West Europian languages. In the West we are called "Huns" because when we arrived in Europe 1100 years ago by mistaken we were thought to be Huns - we looked the same: Asian nomadic - it took 200 years to melt into the Whites.

I wrote too much, sorry!

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