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Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Knock knock jokes
2006/1/16 17:41
From Taipei, 大羅天
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Knock knock jokes are quite popular in the United States and many people love them. The format of a knock knock joke usually goes like this.

A: Knock knock!
B: Who's there?
A: <name>
B: <name> who?
A: <something similar in sound to that name> .....

For example,

A: Knock knock!
B: Who's there?
A: Nobel.
B: Nobel who?
A: (There's) No bell. That's why I knock-knocked.

The following are some more I get from the Net.

A: Knock Knock!
B: Who's there?
A: Repeat.
B: Repeat who?
A: Who Who Who!

A: Knock Knock!
B: Who's there?
A: Abe.
B: Abe who?
A: Abe C D E F G H...

A: Knock Knock!
B: Who's there?
A: Adore.
B: Adore who?
A: Adore (= A door) is between us open it up.

Hope you guys enjoy them.


Posted on: 2006/3/6 22:29
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Re: Knock knock jokes
Just popping in
2012/1/17 22:30
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Many people are the fan of knock knock jokes. Also i am the fan of knock knock jokes. Thank you for sharing these knock knock joke. Please tell me more knock knock jokes. I want to hear your knock knock jokes.

Posted on: 2012/1/17 22:34
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