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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Are You Missing Application Information?
Home away from home
2006/1/24 11:34
From United States
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Are You Missing Application Information?

You are finally finished sending our your applications to the schools that you have on your college list, Now you can sit back and relax a little, all the stress from making sure everything is done and you know your teachers sent out their letters of recommendations and your essay was perfect. Now all you can do is just wait, because you know you have filled out everything within your applications package and sent them in completely filled out with all requested material. Then all of a sudden you start to receive letters from schools saying that there is information missing from your application. You are thinking “How is it possible I forgot something”? But don’t panic just yet, read the letter thoroughly to find out what they are saying.

Often colleges will report that a application is missing information because they are just so inundated by so many applications and mail. Colleges may receive so much mail from freshman applicants. Many colleges will get so much mail from freshman applicants just at deadline and it will take time for all your information to be put into your admissions file. Many times your information that they requested is in their office but it is not yet in your file, which will cause a letter stating what your missing will be sent out to you. Again don’t panic and get all stressed out.

You maybe stressing out now, but just remember that mail takes time and that there is just so much mail just sitting around the schools offices just waiting to be filled by someone, it is not just their fault it is also a students fault for waiting to the last moment to sent out their application and the admissions office is just as stressed as you are.

What Can You Do To Make Sure Your Applications Arrive?

Following these simple steps can ensure that your applications will get where they are supposed to.

Send out Your Applications before They Are Due: Many applicants wait to the last minute to send out applications, but the fact is that you should send your applications out several weeks before the application deadline. By sending out your applications early you will allow the snail mail to reach the school and the staff there to file it properly. Even if you are emailing or faxing your applications in you should send it out early to the school, this will help you just incase you are really missing material in your application, and if there is something missing you have time to get it there before the deadlines. Missing material can cause you to be finally rejected by a college so make sure everything is sent and if there is something missing send it right away, that is why it is important that you keep copies of all your application materials.

Keep Copies Of All Your Application Materials:

Again we must stress that you keep copies of all application materials, emails, or notes that have anything to do with your applications.

Make Sure Everything Is Consistent In Your Application: Make sure you use the same name throughout your application, so if you use your middle name one part of the application use it on every document sent it. Do not use your nick names because this just will complicate your application and all your information may not be filled in your folder.

If There Is Something Missing: If there is something missing or cant be found in your file at the college, don’t get upset, angry or stressed out. This does happen that things get missed filed or lost or maybe you even forgot to send it. The most important thing is you do not call the school and get into an argument and say things you may regret when they turn you down. What you need to do now is stay calm and verify what is missing and get it sent to the school as fast as you possibly can.

Posted on: 2007/5/1 23:24
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Re: Are You Missing Application Information?
Home away from home
2006/1/17 19:32
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Hello Dave:
WoW so many information about oversea study information. I think it must be very useful for those who want to go abroad.

Ps: all dear friends,
If you have any oversea study questions,you could ask on the forum. I think Dave will be try his best to answer for all of you.
Trust Dave, you will have a happy oversea study experince in your furture,too.

Posted on: 2007/5/2 18:23
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