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Monday, July 22, 2019
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You Have Been Accepted Into College Now What Do You Do?
Home away from home
2006/1/24 11:34
From United States
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You Have Been Accepted Into College Now What Do You Do?

Congratulations, you finally have received your acceptance letters and you have decided which school you want to attend. During the next few months you will be busy and full of excitement because you are now headed to college. Here is a list of some of the things you will need to do before you head off to school.

Read All The Material You Were Sent With Your Acceptance Letter:

Usually when you receive your acceptance letter you will receive a lot of other information that will be important to you. You may find there is information on housing, school orientation, financial aid, and much more. You will have to make a lot of decisions and plans then respond as quickly as you can. Make sure you read everything clearly and don’t make any mistakes.

Send In Your Tuition Payment:

Make sure you send in your tuition payment right away, you don’t want to take a chance and cause yourself problems or even jeopardize your acceptance at the school you have chosen. Once you have chosen the school you will attended you should send in your acceptance and send in your deposit, this way a college will know for sure that you will be attending their school and they will save your place as a student. If you have received financial aid call the school and verify that they have all the information they need for your payment.

Financial Aid:

If you are receiving financial aid, you should have received a letter that outlines what you have been awarded. You may be offered grants, loans, or work-study programs which will help with your tuition. Make sure you read it all carefully before making any decisions.

Here are some things you must remember or do

• Read exactly what you have been awarded and decide what aid you want, maybe you have decided that you do not want to accept a work study program

• Maybe you don’t want to accept a loan that does not meet your needs and find a loan package yourself

• Make sure that you keep your financial aid office aware of your financial condition, if there are any changes report them immediately

• Sign and send in your financial aid package as fast as possible. You don’t want to lose your award by being late.

If You Were Given A Loan:

If you applied for loans as part of your aid package you will have to fill out paperwork and send it in as soon as possible. Your forms must be in before you start school. You must make sure you are not late with these forms.


If you have decided to live on campus, you will have to apply for on campus housing. You should contact the school quickly and make sure you complete everything required so that your room is saved for you. The school will send you information about housing, including a contract and deposit form. They will also give you instructions, dates you can move into your dorm, a roommate questionnaire, information about laundry and other services available, and the rules and regulations for the dorm. You should read everything carefully so that you are aware of everything you need to move in. Don’t show up early and think you can move in.

If you are going to live off campus make sure you make arrangements for your housing and that everything is ready when you move. You may find that this takes time looking for the right place so do this early.

Select A Meal Plan:

You will have to decide on a meal plan and send it in before you arrive at school. You should look closely at the plans they offer and pick the one that is most suited to you.

Contact Your Roommate:

You may be able to contact the person you have been assigned as your roommate, it would be a good idea if possible to contact him or her to introduce yourself and discuss a little about living arrangements. You may want to know if you either will need refrigerators or televisions or will you two share. It is a great idea to get to know a little about each other before you get on campus.

Go Shopping For What You Need:

There are many things you will need when you move to your dorm or apartment Maybe you do not yet have a computer that you can take with you, this is something that I would deeply recommend that you get as soon as you can. There are many other things you will need so I have included a shopping list that may help you.

Shopping List

Once Again Buy A Computer:

Today it is very important that you have a computer. Every student will need a computer to access teachers study plans, conduct research, read and send email to friends and family as well as your teachers, There are many uses for your computer whish will save you time and energy when doing research, homework and online test. You should contact your school if you live in a dorm and find out what you will have to do to connect to their network.

Have You Sent Your Final Transcript?

You should contact your school and make sure that your final transcript has been sent to the college you will attend.

Do You Need To Have A Physical?

Many colleges will require that you have had a physical and have had all your required shots. I would recommend that you have your physical before arriving at school because you may find that you cant enroll in your classes.

Are There Pre-Orientation Programs You Should Attend?

Many colleges will offer students who will attend the college pre-orientation programs that will help you to get to know the campus as well as the community surrounding it. These programs are a good way for students to learn more about the college and I would recommend that you attend them if possible.

Prepare For Placement Exams:

You may need to take placement exams which will determines where you will be placed in math, writing, science classes. You may be lucky and you’re SAT or other test may exempt you from these tests but don’t count on it to they tell you. Contact your school and find out if you are required to take these exams and prepare for them while you are on vacation.

Now It Is Time To Thank All Those That Helped You:

It is important that you thank all those teachers, employers, coaches and people that have helped you with your college plans and acceptance. Don’t forget to thank your parents they have done a lot to get you where you are today.

Posted on: 2007/5/2 2:00
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