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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Home away from home
2006/1/17 19:32
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Bucky was an eager beaver. “Make way!” he cried. “Why-ah, here comes another log!”
“Aw, Dad!” Junior pined. “We have plenty of logs already. Let’s just make do with the ones we have.”
“Why-ah, certainly not!” replied Bucky. “We must make sure that our lodge by the riverbank is sturdy and strong. We must make use of all the logs we can. Why-ah, after all, when the floodwaters come, we don’t want our home to be destroyed.”
“Aw, Dad. Our makeshift dam is strong enough. We’ll make out all right. We always have. Besides,” complained Junior, “we’ve been as busy as beavers!”


Posted on: 2009/8/11 21:21
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Re: Make的意思..您知到多少個?
Home away from home
2006/1/17 19:32
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Posts: 2203
Level : 38
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MP : 734 / 35739
EXP : 36
make way (for something/somebody)
a) to move to the side so that there is space for someone or something to pass
The crowd stepped aside to make way for the procession.

b) to make it possible for something newer or better to be built, organized etc
Several houses were demolished to make way for a new road.

source from:http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/way_1

Posted on: 2009/8/15 20:00
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Re: Make的意思..您知到多少個?
Home away from home
2006/1/17 19:32
Registered Users
Posts: 2203
Level : 38
HP : 0 / 934
MP : 734 / 35739
EXP : 36
make do
to manage with the things that you have, even though this is not really enough:

*I hardly had any food in the house so I just had to make do.

make do with/without
*I usually make do with a cup of coffee for breakfast.

*For many people, make do and mend (=when someone manages with the things they have and does not buy anything new) was a harsh reality.

source from longman

Posted on: 2009/8/15 20:27
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Re: Make的意思..您知到多少個?
Home away from home
2006/4/28 13:55
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Posted on: 2009/8/16 11:24
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Re: Make的意思..您知到多少個?
Home away from home
2006/10/25 14:16
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Posts: 1416
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************** "make" as VERB in sentences **************

"MAKE" (verb, irregular):-
(1) to create or prepare sth by combining materials or putting parts together 製造;做;組裝 ~ sth (from/(out) of sth) ~ sth into sth ~ sth (for sb) ~ sb sth
‧ to make a table/dress/cake 做桌子/連衣裙╱蛋糕 VN
‧ to make bread/cement/paper 製作麵包;生產水泥╱紙張
‧ She makes her own clothes. 她自己做衣服。
‧ Wine is made from grapes. 葡萄酒是用葡萄做的。
‧ The grapes are made into wine. 葡萄用來做酒。
‧ What's your shirt made of? 你的襯衣是用什麼做的?
‧ made in France(= on a label) 法國製造
‧ She made coffee for us all. 她給我們大家冲了咖啡。 VNN VN
‧ She made us all coffee. 她給我們大家冲了咖啡。

(2) to write, create or prepare sth 寫;出產;制訂 VN
‧These regulations were made to protect children. 這些規章制度是為了保護兒童而制定的。
‧ My lawyer has been urging me to make a will. 我的律師一直在催促我立遺囑。
‧ She has made(= directed or acted in)several movies. 她已經出了好幾部電影。

(3) to arrange a bed so that it is neat and ready for use 鋪床 VN

(4) to cause sth to appear as a result of breaking, tearing, hitting or removing material 造成(破壞、破損等) VN
‧ The stone made a dent in the roof of the car. 石頭把車頂砸了個坑。
‧ The holes in the cloth were made by moths. 布上的窟窿是蟲子蛀的。

(5) to cause sth to exist, happen or be done 使出現;引發;使產生 VN
‧ to make a noise/mess/fuss 產生噪音;弄糟;小題大作
‧ She tried to make a good impression on the interviewer. 她努力給主持面試者留個好印象。
‧ I keep making the same mistakes. 我總是犯同樣的錯誤。

(6) to cause sb/sth to be or become sth 使變得;使成為 VN-ADJ
‧ The news made him very happy. 這則消息使他非常高興。
‧ She made her objections clear. 她明確表示反對。
‧ He made it clear that he objected. 他明確表示反對。
‧ The full story was never made public. 全部情況從未公之於世。
‧ Can you make yourself understood in Russian? 你能用俄語表達你的意思嗎?
‧ She couldn't make herself heard above the noise of the traffic. 車輛噪音很大,她無法讓人聽到她的聲音。
‧ The terrorists made it known that tourists would be targeted. 恐怖分子宣稱遊客將成為他們襲擊的目標。

(7) to cause sb/sth to do sth 促使;使得 VN inf.
‧ She always makes me laugh. 她總是讓我發笑。
‧ This dress makes me look fat. 這衣服我穿着顯胖。
‧ What makes you say that(= why do you think so)? 你為什麼這麼說?
‧ Nothing will make me change my mind. 什麼也改變不了我的主意。

(8) to cause sb/sth to be or become sth 造就;使構成 ~ sth of sb/sth ~ sth sth
‧ This isn't very important─I don't want to make an issue of it. 這不太重要 我不想把它當回事兒。 VN
‧ Don't make a habit of it. 別養成習慣。
‧ You've made a terrible mess of this job. 你把這件事兒搞得一團糟。
‧ It's important to try and make something of(= achieve sth in)your life. 在一生中有所成就是很重要的。
‧ We'll make a tennis player of you yet. 我們會讓你成為一名網球選手的。
‧ I made painting the house my project for the summer. 把房子粉刷了一遍,這就是我的夏季工程。 VN-N
‧ She made it her business to find out who was responsible. 她一定要查清楚到底該誰負責。

(9) to decide, guess, etc. sth 做,作出(決定、估計等) VN ~ a decision, guess, comment, etc.
‧ Come on! It's time we made a start. 快點!我們該出發了。

(10) to force sb to do sth 迫使;強迫
‧ They made me repeat the whole story. 他們非讓我把整個事件再說一遍。 VN inf.
‧ She must be made to comply with the rules. 必須讓她遵守規則。 VN to inf.
‧ He never cleans his room and his mother never tries to make him. 他從不收拾自己的房間,而他媽也從不要求他收拾。 VN

(11) to represent sb/sth as being or doing sth 表現;表示;描繪
‧You've made my nose too big(for example in a drawing). 你把我的鼻子畫得太大了。 VN-ADJ
‧ He makes King Lear a truly tragic figure. 他把李爾王刻畫成一位真正的悲劇人物。 VN-N

(12) to elect or choose sb as sth 選舉;挑選;任命 VN-N
‧ She made him her assistant. 她挑選他做她的助手。

(13) to become or develop into sth; to be suitable for sth 成為;適合 linking verb V-N
‧ She would have made an excellent teacher. 她本可以成為一位出色的教師。
‧ This room would make a nice office. 這間屋子做辦公室挺不錯。

(14) to add up to or equal sth 合計;等於 linking verb V-N
‧ 5 and 7 make 12. 5 加 7 等於 12。
‧ A hundred cents make one euro. 一百分等於一歐元。

(15) to be a total of sth 成為總數;是…的總和 linking verb V-N
‧ That makes the third time he's failed his driving test! 他這已經是第三次沒有通過駕駛考試了!

(16) to earn or gain money 掙錢;賺錢 VN
‧ She makes $100 000 a year. 她一年賺 10 萬元。
‧ to make a profit/loss 獲利;賠錢
‧ We need to think of ways to make money. 我們需要想辦法掙錢。
‧ He made a fortune on the stock market. 他在股票市場發了大財。
‧ He makes a living as a stand-up comic. 他靠說單口相聲為生。

(17) to think or calculate sth to be sth 估計;計算 VN-N no passive
‧ What time do you make it? 你估計現在幾點了?
‧ I make that exactly $50. 我算出正好是 50 元。

(18) to manage to reach or go to a place or position (盡力)趕往,到達,達到 VN no passive
‧ Do you think we'll make Dover by 12? 你覺得我們 12 點能到多佛嗎?
‧ I'm sorry I couldn't make your party last night. 很抱歉,昨晚沒能參加你們的聚會。
‧ He'll never make(= get a place in)the team. 他絕不可能成為一名隊員。
‧ The story made(= appeared on)the front pages of the national newspapers. 這件事登在了全國性報紙的頭版。
‧ We just managed to make the deadline(= to finish sth in time). 我們勉強按期完成。

(19) to cause sth to be a success 使成功;使圓滿 VN
‧ Good wine can make a meal. 酒美飯亦香。
‧ The news really made my day. 這消息確實使我一天都很愉快。

***************** "make" as VERB in idioms **************

Idiom: "make as if to do sth"
(= to make a movement that makes it seem as if you are just going to do sth 似乎;假裝)
e.g. He made as if to speak. 他似乎要說點什麼。

Idiom: "make do (with sth)"
(= to manage with sth that is not really satisfactory 湊合;將就)
e.g. We were in a hurry so we had to make do with a quick snack. 我們很匆忙,只好將就着來了點小吃。

Idiom: "make good"
(= to become rich and successful 變得富有;獲得成功)

Idiom: "make sth good"
i. (= to pay for, replace or repair sth that has been lost or damaged 賠償;替換;修理)
e.g. She promised to make good the damage. 她答應賠償損失。
ii. (= to carry out a promise, threat, etc. 履行,執行(諾言、威脅等)

Idiom: "make it"
i. (= to be successful in your career 獲得成功)
e.g. He never really made it as an actor. 他從來就不是一個成功的演員。
ii. (= to succeed in reaching a place in time, especially when this is difficult '尤指在困難情況下' 準時到達)
e.g. The flight leaves in twenty minutes ─ we'll never make it. 再過二十分鐘飛機就起飛了,咱們無論如何也趕不上了。
iii. (= to be able to be present at a place 能夠出席或到場)
e.g. I'm sorry I won't be able to make it(for example, to a party)on Saturday. 很抱歉,星期六我不能出席。
iv. (= to survive after a serious illness or accident; to deal successfully with a difficult experience 幸免於難;渡過難關)
e.g. The doctors think he's going to make it. 醫生們認為他能挺過去。
e.g. I don't know how I made it through the week. 我不知道自己是怎麼熬過那個星期的。

Idiom: "make it with sb" [Ameriacan English, slang]
(= to have sex with sb (與某人)發生性關係)

Idiom: "make like…" [Ameriacan English, informal]
(= to pretend to be, know or have sth in order to impress people (為給別人留下印象)假裝,裝出…樣子0
e.g. He makes like he's the greatest actor of all time. 他裝模作樣,彷彿自己是有史以來最棒的演員。

Idiom: "make the most of sth/sb/yourself"
(= to gain as much advantage, enjoyment, etc. as you can from sb/sth 充分利用;盡情享受)
e.g. It's my first trip abroad so I'm going to make the most of it. 這是我第一次出國,我要充分利用這個機會。
e.g. She doesn't know how to make the most of herself(= make herself appear in the best possible way). 她不知道如何充分表現自己。

Idiom: "make much of sth/sb" [written]
(= to treat sth/sb as very important 重視;認為很重要)
e.g. He always makes much of his humble origins. 他總是非常在意他卑微的出身。

Idiom: "make or break sth"
(= to be the thing that makes sb/sth either a success or a failure 為…成敗的關鍵)
e.g. This movie will make or break him as a director. 這部電影將要決定他當導演是行還是不行。
e.g. It's make-or-break time for the company. 這是公司盛衰的關鍵時刻。

Idiom: "make something of yourself"
(= to be successful in your life 獲得成功;事業有成)


Phrasal: "make for sth"
(= to move towards sth 向…移動)
(= to help to make sth possible 促成)
e.g. Constant arguing doesn't make for a happy marriage. 不斷爭吵不可能使婚姻幸福。

Phrasal: "make sb/sth into sb/sth"
(= to change sb/sth into sb/sth 把…變成)
e.g. We're making our attic into an extra bedroom. 我們要把閣樓改裝一下,增加一間卧室。

Phrasal: "make sth of sb/sth"
(= to understand the meaning or character of sb/sth 領會;理解;懂得)
e.g. What do you make of it all? 你明白那都是什麼意思嗎?
e.g. I can't make anything of this note. 我根本不懂這封短信的意思。
e.g. I don't know what to make of(= think of)the new manager. 這位新經理,我不知道怎麼說他才好。

Phrasal: "make off"
(= to hurry away, especially in order to escape 匆忙離開;(尤指)倉惶逃跑)

Phrasal: "make off with sth"
(= to steal sth and hurry away with it 偷走某物;順手牽羊)

Phrasal: "make out" [informal]
i. (= used to ask if sb managed well or was successful in a particular situation (詢問是否處理得當)應付,過)
e.g. How did he make out while his wife was away? 他妻子不在家時他是怎麼過的?
ii. (= to kiss and touch sb in a sexual way; to have sex with sb 親吻撫摸(某人);(與某人)性交 [American English])

Phrasal: "make sb out"
(= to understand sb's character 看透,弄懂)

Phrasal: "make sb/sth↔out"
i. (= to manage to see sb/sth or read or hear sth 看清;聽清;分清;辨認清楚)
e.g. I could just make out a figure in the darkness. 黑暗中我只看出了一個人的輪廓。
e.g. I could hear voices but I couldn't make out what they were saying. 我能聽到說話的聲音,卻聽不清他們在說什麼。
ii. (= to say that sth is true when it may not be 聲稱;把…說成)
e.g. She's not as rich as people make out. 她並不像人們說的那樣富有。
e.g. He made out that he had been robbed. 他說他讓人搶了。
e.g. She makes herself out to be smarter than she really is. 她說自己多麼聰明,未免言過其實。

Phrasal: "make sth↔out"
i. (= to write out or complete a form or document 開具,填寫(表格或文件)
e.g. He made out a cheque for £100. 他開了一張 100 英鎊的支票。
e.g. The doctor made out a prescription for me. 醫生給我開了一張處方。
ii. (= to understand sth; to see the reasons for sth 理解;明白事理)
e.g. How do you make that out(= what are your reasons for thinking that)? 你為什麼這麼想?
e.g. I can't make out what she wants. 我不明白她想要什麼。

Phrasal: "make sth↔over (to sb/sth)"
i. (= to legally give sth to sb (合法地)給予,轉讓)
e.g. He made over the property to his eldest son. 他把財產傳給了他的長子。
ii. (= to change sth in order to make it look different or use it for a different purpose; to give sb a different appearance by changing their clothes, hair, etc. 改造;修飾;徹底改變形象)

Phrasal: "make towards sth"
(= to start moving towards sth 向…移動;朝…走去)
e.g. He made towards the door. 他向門口走去。

Phrasal: "make up; make yourself/sb↔up"
(= to put powder,lipstick, etc. on your/sb's face to make it more attractive or to prepare for an appearance in the theatre, on television, etc. 化妝;上妝)

Phrasal: "make sth↔up"
i. (= to form sth 形成;構成)
e.g. Women make up 56% of the student numbers. 女生佔學生人數的 56%.
ii. (= to put sth together from several different things 拼裝;組成)
iii. (= to invent a story, etc., especially in order to deceive or entertain sb 編造故事或謊言等)
e.g. He made up some excuse about his daughter being sick. 他編造了一些託辭,說他的女兒病倒了。
e.g. I told the kids a story, making it up as I went along. 我給孩子們講了個故事,是現編的。
e.g. You made that up! 你瞎編!
iv. (= to complete a number or an amount required 湊數)
e.g. We need one more person to make up a team. 我們還需要一個人才能組成一個隊。
v. (= to replace sth that has been lost; to compensate for sth 補上(失去的東西; 作出補償)
e.g. Can I leave early this afternoon and make up the time tomorrow? 我今天下午早點兒走,明天補上這段時間,可以嗎?
vi. (= to prepare a medicine by mixing different things together 配藥)
vii. (= to prepare a bed for use; to create a temporary bed 鋪床;臨時搭床)
e.g. We made up the bed in the spare room. 我們在空着沒用的屋裏搭了張床。
e.g. They made up a bed for me on the sofa. 他們給我在沙發上鋪了個床。

Phrasal: "make up for sth"
(= to do sth that corrects a bad situation 彌補;補償)
e.g. Nothing can make up for the loss of a child. 失去一個孩子是任何東西都無法彌補的。
e.g. After all the delays, we were anxious to make up for lost time. 耽擱了這麼久,我們急着想彌補失去的時間。
e.g. Her enthusiasm makes up for her lack of experience. 她的熱情彌補了她經驗的不足。

Phrasal: "make up (to sb) for sth"
(= to do sth for sb or give them sth because you have caused them trouble, suffering or disappointment and wish to show that you are sorry 表示歉意; 給以補償)
e.g. How can I make up for the way I've treated you? 我這樣對你,該怎麼向你表示歉意呢?
e.g. I'll make it up to you, I promise. 我保證我一定會補償你的。

Phrasal: "make up to sb" [British English, informal, disapproving]
(= to be pleasant to sb, praise them, etc. especially in order to get an advantage for yourself 獻媚;奉承;討好)

Phrasal: "make up (with sb)"
(= to end a quarrel with sb and become friends again 言歸於好)
e.g. Why don't you two kiss and make up? 你們兩個幹嗎不和好算了?
e.g. Has he made it up with her yet? 他跟她和好了嗎?
e.g. Have they made it up yet? 他們和解了嗎?
Variant: "make it up" [British English]

************* "make" as NOUN in sentences **************

"MAKE" (noun):-
(= the name or type of a machine, piece of equipment, etc. that is made by a particular company (機器、設備等的)品牌,型號)
e.g. What make of car does he drive? 他開的是什麼品牌的車?
e.g. There are so many different makes to choose from. 有很多不同的型號可供選擇。
e.g. a Swiss make of watch 一塊瑞士錶

Idiom: "on the make (noun)" [informal, disapproving]
(= trying to get money or an advantage for yourself 謀取利益)

Posted on: 2009/8/16 17:44
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Re: Make的意思..您知到多少個?
Home away from home
2006/1/17 19:32
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Posted on: 2009/8/16 22:45
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