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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Deep Freeze

Filed under: Generaljulia | 1/3/2014 @ 11:54 am (Views: 3275)
It is -18 right now with the wind chill of -30! It is freezing and windy out there!! I went out for only 5 minutes to leave the garbage and recycled bins by the curb, and I could feel the cold on my cheeks, nose and finger tips. Normally I would just go out with my T-shirt on if the weather is around -10. I am not afraid of cold that much anymore, but it is very different today.A week ago, we …had an ice storm which killed a lot of trees, and now we have extremely low temperature. Many people are afraid of the frozen water pipes and heaters. We are, however, luckier than Quebec with -52 of wind chill factor! That is crazy!

Taiwan, I know you guys got hit by the low current and cold front. I heard that is snowing in many mountains . I feel sorry for you because the low temperature is rare there. However, the cold winter seems to hit the northern hemisphere this year.


  1. Comment by song:

    Oh, this is not very good, keep warm wherever you are..

  2. Comment by 123:


  3. Comment by julia:

    Now, it is even colder!

  4. Comment by Ferenc:

    Hm, I did not know - 18 was extreme in Toronto… I mean I knew Chicago is often gets very cold, I thought the Canadian cities were about the same… Yes, it is wise to get on one more T-shirt in that weather.

    Snowing in Taiwan! Wow, that is …cool…

    We had more than 15 today, that is at least 15 degrees higher than normally.

    Anyway, I don’t think a city with such a great mayor would have serious problems…

  5. Comment by song:

    I like cold weather but not winter storm!! ;(

    Keep warm Julia and friends… keep really really warm!! hugs

  6. Comment by julia:

    Thanks, Song.

    Frenec, are you talking about the Mayor in Toronto? He is not my cup of tea. I would never vote for someone like him, who is lacking integrity.

  7. Comment by Ferenc:

    Yes, I know he is not your style. I read the an analyzation about his voters, they recall the series “According to Jim”… It’s just strage this may happen in Canada, it is not the place one would expect a man like him can be elected…

  8. Comment by julia:


    He is a good example of some strange phenomena:
    1. If you keep exaggerating that you have done a good job as a politician for so many times and for so long, eventually, you start to believe the myth that you yourself have done a good job. (He is very delusional about his achievement.)

    2. If you keep telling the public that you have done a great job, even though the public records may only show one deed that you did, the general public starts to believe that you actually have done a great job. (Most people are not keen enough to check the reference anyway.)

    His new slogan is “Ford More Years!” My slogan for him is “OMG, In Your Dream, LOL.” :) )

  9. Comment by Ferenc:

    As usual, I agree with you. Adding: point number 1. is valid in each field of life. And you know what? I envy those who can blind themselves.

    But it’s Canada… Probably it’s my delusion, ha-ha; a guy like him would fit Texas or Alabama…

    “Ford more years!” - sad but it sounds good… One has to pick a name wisely.

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