The interpersonal aspects that inspire people to visit Kerala

Posted by mishima on 2009/12/10 13:39:58
Studies have shown that a large number of international tourists and also the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) were motivated to visit Kerala mainly due to personal reasons. The interpersonal aspects include those related to a desire to visit relatives, friends or to escape from one’s family, workmates or neighbors, or simply to escape from the routine of everyday life.

For a majority of the international travelers and that too the tourist visiting the state during the peak season time from October to March, the main aspects motivating them to visit the Kerala was the proliferation of health clinics that helped to de-stress, rejuvenate and to get refreshed. In Kerala ayurveda health centers offer a host of treatment plans that will certainly help the visitor to de-stress within a short period of time.

Ayurveda, the science of life, is continuously evolving and now has a royal clientele all over the world. Newer and newer treatment practices are being continuously evolved from the existing practices. Not only that, the government has embarked on an ambitious project to unearth the hitherto unknown highly effective treatment plans and medicinal potions that got sidelined due to lack of proper documentation. Almost all the prominent ayurveda colleges and hospitals are now part of it.

Another aspect being given much emphasis is for medicinal plant cultivation. In earlier times, for gathering the medicinal plants, the ayurveda health practitioners used to frequent the forests of the state which is now declared as major biodiversity reserve. The natural herbs, roots and other parts of the medicinal plants are often sourced at great risk to the visitor due to the presence of wild animals.

With stringent controls in place on visitors entering the forest, the medicinal plants cultivation now has many takers. Visiting such places will help a lot to understand the traditional practices followed in medicinal plants cultivation and also in the preparation of the various natural medicinal oils and other pastes.

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