Pros and cons of VPN connection in China.

Posted by getta on 2020/1/10 6:25:09
Pros and cons of VPN connection in China.
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tunnel that a user establishes between themselves and the "shared" Internet. All data that travels through this tunnel is encrypted. What does this approach do? There are many advantages of using a VPN:

increased security of personal data. Of course, home networks are hacked quite rarely, but when you connect to a public network (for example, in the subway or in a cafe), you put yourself at risk. Any trained person (even a schoolboy) is now able to access the data that you send and receive on the Internet. They can include not only messages in the messenger, but also Bank card data. VPN is much more difficult to hack than a normal connection, and therefore the risk of "sharing" your data is significantly reduced;
access to prohibited sites. Since VPN tunnels can be routed through other countries, you will be able to open sites and pages that your provider closes for some reason;
access to games, forums or sites after the ban. If the site administrator has blocked you on your favorite resource, you are very likely to be able to access it again by going to the VPN Protocol;
a certain anonymity in the network. Tracking a person who sits on the Internet through a VPN is much more difficult.
But if VPN is such a great technology, why isn't everyone using it? There are several factors that make it less attractive:

the speed of connection through the VPN Protocol is much lower;
free VPN servers can be unreliable or restrict traffic;
setting up a VPN connection can be difficult for a beginner.
Usually the first factor is the determining factor. VPN encrypts data, and because of this there is a significant reduction in the speed of their transmission. If you find a server that offers a very fast connection through a VPN-this means that the data encryption in it is extremely low quality. Users of the VPN Protocol need to choose between speed and increased security.

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