Love Is a Blessing

Posted by EastCoast on 2007/7/24 9:21:00
Love Is a Blessing

Loving you is a blessing
A blessing I prayed to come true
To love you
For you to love me
This is a blessing
I feel now to be true

Everyday I wake to the blessing
That I have the love of the woman I love
You are the heart and soul
That beats deep within me
Carrying my heart into the sky
Higher and higher
As our love grows

Darling you don’t know
How much I love you
What you do to me when I see you
I can feel the warmth flow through me
When I look into your beautiful eyes
Feeling the beating of my heart begin to race
As I watch you walk
Closer and closer
Seeing that little smile
That little wiggle as you walk
Slowly to me
My god what you do to me
You will never know
For I don’t have the words
To describe what it is I truly feel

All I know my love
Is I can’t live a day without you
For without you
I feel no love
No warmth
No sweet embrace
No fire burning deep within me
When I can see, feel or hear you
For all these emotions, feelings desires
Always make me fall deeper and deeper in love
With you

When I wake
I so want to hear your voice
The softness
That is always within you
Is shown in that delicate voice
Your whispers can drive me crazy
As you whisper into my ear
God how I love to hear you whisper
For it sets a fire within me

A fire that grows and grows
Day by wonderful day

Darling you bring to me such feelings of love
A love that sets my heart to beat
Faster and faster
Every time I just think of you

I crave your touch my love
I crave the feeling of your body
So close and near
Feeling your warmth against me
Feeling the silkiness of your skin
As I hold you close
I long my love for the times I can hold you close
For time moves so slow when I have you in my arms
Pulling you gently closer to whisper in your ear

Darling I love you more today
Then I loved you yesterday
And I will love you more tomorrow
Then I love you today.

Then I look into those beautiful eyes
Looking for a sign within
To see your love
As I gently caress your face
To look into your eyes
So you can see within me
My eyes telling you just how much
I need and love you

I desire the touch of your lips
As I gently caress your face
Moving closer to the moment
Our lips touch
I know our love is real
For I can feel the love
The desire in the woman I love
As we kiss

Darling I need you more then anything
I need your love, hope, caring
Your very desire
Cause without you my love id be nothing
For you are truly my heart and soul

Love you Darling

Dave B

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