Re: 英國名校排名 劍橋超越牛津

Posted by EastCoast on 2007/8/3 16:00:37
Dear Kat

I just read your article you posted and always enjoy when others feel like posting something about education.

Kat I just spent sometime visiting 4 of the schools on your list as well as 7 others here in England. Although I do enjoy visiting here and have enjoyed meeting with the administrators and teachers, kat they are all good schools and they do offer students a great education.

I do have one complaint that is a personal observation and that is that some of the teachers and staff at some of the schools are a bit stuffy. Ha ha. Maybe it is just me, you know how I am kat I have always been very open and I say what is on my mind and that sometimes is not understood by some of the teachers and staff here in England. My Aunt says that even with my English background and family here I don’t fully understand their methods of teaching and that maybe true, but I am learning how they teach and the programs they offer. I do know one very important thing Kat and that is if a student wants a good education they can get it here in England.

I am leaving London later today and will make a short stop in France to see some friends and visit a few schools. I do hope to be back home sometime next week. Well I better go kat as I am using my sat phone to access Ok English ha ha …. Talk to all of you later.


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