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Monday, June 17, 2024
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I will think of you
Home away from home
2006/1/17 19:32
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Epic Patty Cake Song (I'll Think Of You)
I'll think of you as I go當我離開時,我會想你
So when I leave, you're not alone所以當我離開時,你不會感到孤單
And no matter where we are無論我們在哪
We will never be that far我們永遠不會相隔太遠
Cause I will think of you as I go因為在我離去時我會想念你

I'll think of you as I dream當我做夢時,我會想念你
So when it's dark, you'll be with me 因此當天黑時,你將會和我在一起
And no matter where we are無論我們在哪
We can look up to the stars我們可以抬頭仰望星星
And I will think of you as I dream我會在做夢時想念你

*Oh, it's a long and winding road噢、這是一條漫長而曲折的路
(Long and winding road)
But you don't have to walk alone但你不需要獨自一個人走
(Have to walk alone)
Cause no matter where we are因為無論我們在哪處
I will keep you in my heart我會把你放在我心中
And I will think of you as I go在我離去時我會想念你

I'll think of you when I'm down當我情緒低潮時,我會想你
When my heart is on the ground當我的心情跌到谷底(地上)
And I will never lose my way而我永遠不會失去我的方向
Even when the skies are gray即使天空灰蒙蒙一片
Cause I will think of you when I'm down因為當我情緒低潮時,我會想你

Posted on: 2020/7/11 11:31
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