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Semantic Personal Publishing Platform

First Things First

Welcome. WordPress is a very special project to me. Every developer and contributor adds something unique to the mix, and together we create something beautiful that I'm proud to be a part of. Thousands of hours have gone into WordPress, and we're dedicated to making it better every day. Thank you for making it part of your world.

— Matt Mullenweg

First Things Second

XOOPS is a Secure, Powerful, Flexible and Easy-to-use Content Management System. With the integration of the wonderful personal publishing system, XOOPS is becoming more favorable.

— D.J.

Installation: 5-minute install

  1. Unzip the package in an empty directory
  2. Make your language package (if you are NOT using English): Find .mo file for you language at WordPress codex, put the .mo file under wordpress/wp-includes/languages/
  3. Upload the folder "wordpress" to Your-Xoops-Root-Path/modules/
  4. Edit wordpress/include/xoops-wp.config.php:
  5. Check files under wordpress/language/YourLanguage/. Make sure the two constant variables defined in each file:
  6. Install "wordpress" from your XOOPS => admin => Modules.
  7. Set permissions, blocks and configs as a usual module


Before you upgrade anything, make sure you have backup copies of any files you may have modified such as index.php.

Upgrading from any previous WordPress to 2.0:

  1. Delete your old WP files, saving ones you've modified
  2. Upload the new files
  3. Update "wordpress" as a usual module
  4. Set permissions, blocks and configs
  5. Clear cache/wordpress if your users are not allowed to submit blog
  6. That's it!

Online Resources

If you have any questions that aren't addressed in this document, please take advantage of the numerous online resources of WordPress and XOOPS:

The WordPress Codex
The Codex is the encyclopedia of all things WordPress. It is the most comprehensive source of information for WordPress available.
The Development Blog
This is where you'll find the latest updates and news related to WordPress. Bookmark and check often.
WordPress Planet
The WordPress Planet is a news aggregator that brings together posts from WordPress blogs around the web.
WordPress Support Forums
If you've looked everywhere and still can't find an answer, the support forums are very active and have a large community ready to help. To help them help you be sure to use a descriptive thread title and describe your question in as much detail as possible.
WordPress IRC Channel
Finally, there is an online chat channel that is used for discussion amoung people who use WordPress and occasionally support topics. The above wiki page should point you in the right direction. (irc.freenode.net #wordpresss)
The XOOPS Official Site
XOOPS is an extensible, OO (Object Oriented), easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP. XOOPS is the ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more.
XOOPS Core Development
XOOPS core development site demonstrating the up-to-date XOOPS
XOOPS Dev Forge
XOOPS module community site
Dev Site for "WordPress for XOOPS", as well as other XOOPS modules

System Recommendations

WordPress is the official continuation of b2/cafélog, which came from Michel V. The work has been continued by the WordPress developers. If you would like to support WordPress, please consider donating.

Upgrading from another system

WordPress can import from a number of systems. First you need to get WordPress installed and working as described above.

XML-RPC Interface

You can now post to your WordPress blog with tools like Ecto, BlogBuddy, Bloggar, WapBlogger (post from your Wap cellphone!), Radio Userland (which means you can use Radio's email-to-blog feature), Zempt, NewzCrawler, and other tools that support the Blogging APIs! :) You can read more about XML-RPC support on the Codex.

Post via Email

You can post from an email client! To set this up go to your "Writing" options screen and fill in the connection details for your secret POP3 account. Then you need to set up wp-mail.php to execute periodically to check the mailbox for new posts. You can do it with Cron-jobs, or if your host doesn't support it you can look into the various website-monitoring services, and make them check your wp-mail.php URL.

Posting is easy: Any email sent to the address you specify will be posted, with the subject as the title. It is best to keep the address dicrete. The script will delete emails that are successfully posted.

User Roles

User Levels

"WordPress for XOOPS" is taking advantage of XOOPS' advanced permission management. You may set the permissions for user levels from admin area as a usual module.

Final notes

Share the Love

WordPress has no multi-million dollar marketing campaign or celebrity sponsors, but we do have something even better—you. If you enjoy WordPress or XOOPS please consider telling a friend, setting it up for someone less knowledgable than yourself, or writing the author of a media article that overlooks us.


Both WordPress and XOOPS, and XPress - "WordPress for XOOPS", are released under the GPL (see license.txt).


The manual is modified by D.J. (phppp). Localized manuals will soon be available. You are welcome to submit translation for the manual to XPress.


Submit your blog

We are building a blog planet for XPress and you are welcome to join us at Xoop Planet.

WordPress for XOOPS