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Thursday, October 17, 2019
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My Comment to How Could I…?

Filed under: Generaljulia | 8/18/2013 @ 12:02 am (Views: 1202)

I did it with my Canadian flag! I just cropped it down to less than 120×120 for the avatar. Then it was uploaded perfectly. I had more trouble cropping than downloading. hehehe….

I have trouble leaving the comments as well. That is why I put it here as a blog article. this would be my next experiment. I wonder if I have to set it up somewhere to make it work, or it simply awaits for the moderator to come check on it.

For leaving a comment in the forum, if I click “quote” I can reply to you by quoting the passage you just posted, it worked very well for me. That is why you would see the exchange between D Korean and I had quote in quote boxes.

That is something that we have to figure out. All it takes is time. Time……………………..!

Post Note:

I just went back to check and at the bottom of your blog page has a line called Comment Fields. I clicked it and it suddenly has a + sign appeared. Does that mean we have to physically turn it on to leave a comment space? That I don’t know but it is worth exploring.


  1. Comment by julia:

    Do you need to moderate it?

  2. Comment by julia:

    No, you don’t. But, before you publish the article, you have to click Comment fields to allow others to comment.

  3. Comment by julia:

    Yeah! It is with great joy to figure things out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Comment by Ferenc:

    Well, I resized my beautiful picture to 120X120, but it stayed I don’t know how many pixels, and I siply can not get it under 35000…

    As for the comments, hm, I read the moderator’s reply, this would make it very-very slow… As we are from quite different time zones, it will take days to talk over a blog. I agree with you, it is illogical that comments are allowed promtly for pictures.

  5. Comment by ksor:

    I ‘d like a more offensive avatar picture…By the way, I am a warrior but I ‘m also a lover who needs affection. I mean we found a new place to gather and share the cosmic love. Can you read my telepathic thoughts ?

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