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Friday, December 03, 2021
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Archive for May, 2007

I am a cute cat!!

123 @ Monday, May 14th, 2007 ()

Hello everyone, I am a cute cat. My name is ???. I am ?? years old. Below are my cute cute pics.

Hello, everyone


if you guys wants to see more pics about the cute cats, you could click the link to watch below. The cat was raised by Dilimma.


123 @ Sunday, May 6th, 2007 ()

天冷就回来       陈洁仪    
           从前对着收音机学唱旧的歌    我问妈妈为什么伤心像快乐    妈妈笑着说她也不懂得    我想出去走一走哦妈妈点点头     天冷你就回来别在风中徘徊    哦妈妈眼里有明白还有一丝无奈    天冷我想回家童年已经不在    昨天的雨点撒下来那滋味叫作爱    呜~别在风中徘徊呜~天冷就回来
    渐渐对着收音机学唱新的歌    我问朋友为什么做梦也快乐    朋友笑说他从不相信梦    我想出去走一走哦朋友点点头    天冷你就回来别在风中徘徊    朋友的眼里有明白还有一份期待    天冷我想回家年少已经不在    今天的雨点撒下来那滋味就是爱
    现在对着收音机听自己唱的歌    我的他问为什么幸福不快乐    我微笑着说我也不懂得    他想出去走一走我对他点点头    天冷你就回来别在风中徘徊    我猜我眼里有明白还有一丝无奈    天冷他没回家我仍然在等待    明天的雨点撒下来那滋味就是爱    呜~别在风中徘徊呜~天冷就回来

Do you want to learn and speak chinese?

123 @ Sunday, May 6th, 2007 ()

**I found an online chinese dictionary, you can type the basic chinese words into it, then you can hear the pronunciation of the chinese characters you have typed.
**教育部的online chinese dictionary,也可以聽到發音
**If you have any chinese questions, you could ask them in the chinese forum of Okenglish. 
**PS:So if yu want to have language exchange, come to Okenglish.  We […]

Interesting conversation

123 @ Saturday, May 5th, 2007 ()

下面兩篇文章是一個朋友寫的. 把生活中的事情以寫故事的方式來詮釋真不錯.跟大家分享.
轉載文章1.(讀後感想)尊重並不等於放任.該說的還是要說,該做的還是要做!!不要把別人對你的尊重當做是必然的. That is what I think. Could anyone share about the idea to  us after reading the article I posted here.
Once upon a time, there was a little prince who lived in a kingdom far away.
One of the little prince’s best friends argued with his father, the Great Knight, the famous dragon slayer.The prince discussed […]


123 @ Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 ()

 < 轉載自一個 friend's blog>
Once upon a time, there was a little prince who lived in a kingdom far away.
In the following night, the queen and the prince enjoyed the night view.
“Full moon.”“Yeah, my precious, once in a month.”
“I wish I could witness the full moon everyday.”“Unlikely.”
“What a pity.”“It’s as if one’s life with ups and […]

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