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Friday, December 03, 2021
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Filed under: General123 | 5/3/2007 @ 8:25 pm (Views: 3350)

 < 轉載自一個 friend's blog>

Once upon a time, there was a little prince who lived in a kingdom far away.

In the following night, the queen and the prince enjoyed the night view.

“Full moon.”
“Yeah, my precious, once in a month.”

“I wish I could witness the full moon everyday.”

“What a pity.”
“It’s as if one’s life with ups and downs.”

“By the way, there was a legend about the blue moon.”
“Yeah? The blue moon is rarely seen.”

“Indeed, it’s said a couple who witnessed the blue moon would get true love.”
“Do you really believe in the legend?”

“Sure, once in a blue moon.”
“As long as you believe in it, you will get true love though you never see it.”

“Once and forever.”
“The temporary witness is like eternity.”
很久以前, 有個小王子住在遙遠的國度.

接下來一晚, 皇后和王子繼續欣賞著夜景.

“是啊, 寶貝, 一個月一次.”



“對了, 我聽過藍色月亮的傳說.”
“是嗎? 藍色月亮很罕見呢.”

“嗯, 聽說看到藍月的情侶會得到真愛喔.”

“當然, 藍色月亮就是珍貴的時刻.”
“只要你相信, 即使你沒見過也能得到真愛.”



  1. Comment by Elinor:

    Once in a blue moon


    A very rare event.


    A blue moon was originally cited as something impossible and later came to mean unlikely. There are rare examples of the moon actually appearing blue, after volcanic eruptions or unusual weather conditions. Another possible derivation is from The Maine Farmers’ Almanac. When there were two full moons in a calendar month the first was printed in red, the second in blue.

    1528 W. BARLOW Rede Me (1895) 114 Yf they saye the mone is belewe, We must beleve that it is true.

    1529 J. FRITH Pistle Christian Reader lxxi. sig. Niv, They wold make men beleue..that ye mone is made of grene chese.

    Frith, John

    A pistle to the christen reader;


  2. Comment by alexialo:

    What a lovely story!

    How romantic!

    I love this story, can I make copy, Kathy?

  3. Comment by 123:

    To Alexia:
    Yes, How romantic it is! and it should be ok to make a copy!!
    Thank yu the author’s share and go go go to the atuthor,see we like your article.

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