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Friday, November 22, 2019
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Filed under: Generaljulia | 8/24/2013 @ 8:42 am (Views: 1245)

Do you twitter? I am learning to tweet in the twittering world.

I just came back from a “technology in education” conference. Sometimes, events like this one make me feel so far behind. In the world of technology, if you stop for a few months, you are behind. In the world of education, kids know way more about new gadgets than some of the adults around them. If I don’t learn to catch up with them, I will be further more behind.

My twitters accounts have been sitting there for a long time. The rationale was I really have nothing to tweet about and no one to broadcast to! Who would care about my tweeting? Well, I’d better go practising how to tweet now. Just in case that, one day some kids will follow me. :( (


  1. Comment by min:

    Yes..Julia, carry on twitting..:))

  2. Comment by Ferenc:

    Tweeting needs practicing?…

    Since the industrial revolution began each generation feels far behind the next.
    Do you know H.G. Wells’ ‘The Magic Shop’? Hm, I read it long-long ago, but I think there the father had this feeling too.

  3. Comment by linlin:

    I used to tweet a lot when I was back home, now, I am left behind…;(

  4. Comment by jessy ho:

    lolz min ferenc linlin and julia haha i even have twitter here bet i dont even go on it haha coz i been busy alot and i am so happy that i saw 4-5 of my friend here haha

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