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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Filed under: Generalmin | 8/24/2013 @ 10:02 am (Views: 1795)

Hello everyone,

It’s awesome to see most of my friends here…

Now, technical question, can someone please tell me how to upload my Avatar.

I have already resized  my picture..not once, but twice..


  1. Comment by min:

    I have been pampered by Nciku.cn ;P

  2. Comment by julia:

    On the left hand side, you will see “view account”.
    Click on it and find your profile.
    On the very top, you will find “Avatar”, click on it and upload your picture from there. Go through the usual browse and save. Hope that help.

    Thank you Juie, and you can see that my avatar is a miniature..:))

  3. Comment by jessy ho:

    haha nckiu have shut down seens last week haha minlin haha

  4. Comment by Ferenc:


    I had the same problem. I think your original picture is too big. I had a 640K one first, and in vain I reduced the size to 120X120, it remained over 35K - when I went extremely down in size it became blurred. I had to search for a much smaller (I think 138K) original pic to resize.
    Maybe you shoud change the quality of the original one, but it is limited (20%) on my computer.

  5. Comment by linlin:

    Ha.. everyone has the same problem, yes Ferenc were right about taking a smaller size pic to resize..:)

    My orginal Avatar was only 130 k, so I have no problem resizing it.:)

    Min Find another pic for your Avatar, cos I just can’t see what’s in your picture..:(

    I am happy to see you here, even though you mentioned you are stressed from work!


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