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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Prader Willi Syndrome

Filed under: Generallynn | 3/20/2007 @ 9:01 pm (Views: 4947)

Have you heard of Prader Willi Syndrome? A student who suffers from the disease transferred to my class this month and he has caused me much trouble which really drove me crazy. I am not a special education teacher and i don’t think it’s proper to locate this kind of kids in a regular class. Any suggestions?



  1. Comment by 123:

    普拉德威利症候群(Prader Willi Syndrome)俗稱「好吃寶寶」或「小胖威利」,罕見疾病基金會遺傳諮詢員陳冠如提到,人都是由兩個染色體組成的,因此,普拉德威利症候群的成因有兩個,一個是從父親遺傳到的其中一個第十五號染色體有缺失,另一個是從母親遺傳到的兩個第十五號染色體都有缺失。
    see more information about Prader Willi Syndrome
    please click the link below:

  2. Comment by 123:

    Lynn, Do you ask the special education teacher for that kind of situation? Maybe they could give you some suggestions.

  3. Comment by lynn:

    hi kat,
    It’s the first time we have this kind of student in my school and to be honest,they don’t know what to do. What makes me annoyed is that his mom thinks what he does wrong is due to his illness but she told me that he can learn. If he can learn,then he won’t do something bad repeatedly. Last week,the principal asked him,the student,something but he ignored what the principal said. If fact, he doesn’t listen to other teachers which drives me crazy.
    Don’t know what to do.

  4. Comment by Elinor:


    I made a call to the above-mentioned organization. One of the staff told me that you can contact their social worker Miss Chen and she will help you with that problem, including providing the manual of how to take care of this kind of child and visiting your school to teach you and your students in getting along well with the child. Please contact Miss Chen at (02) 2521-0717 ext. 164


    Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  5. Comment by lynn:

    Thanks a lot. It’s very useful.

  6. Comment by Elinor:

      :)   :)   :)

  7. Comment by petal999:

    hello ,lynn. i studied sth from ths spcial education school before…and i found the kids there had they only way to live.and they were so happy!

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