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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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A girl of my kind

Filed under: GeneralFerenc | 9/11/2013 @ 7:39 pm (Views: 2441)

- Dedicated to Lin, as a revenge for not agreeing with me -


(All corrections and remarks and comments and what-so-evers are welcome!)

(I edited the text since I got uncertain if “My kind of a girl” or “A girl of my kind” may refer to only to a girl who is just my taste.)


像我這樣的女孩 有一點奇怪
xiang4 wo3 zhe4yang4de nü3hai2 you2 yi1dian3 qi2guai4
A girl like me - is a little bit strange

像我這樣的女孩 有一點難猜
xiang4 wo3 zhe4yang4de nü3hai2 you2 yi1dian3 nan2cai1
A girl like me - is a bit hard to guess about

像我這樣的女孩 有那麼點不乖
xiang4 wo3 zhe4yang4de nü3hai2 you2na4me dian3 bu4 guai1
A girl like me - is somewhat hard to get along with (lit. not obedient)

像我這樣的女孩 你不能隨便愛
xiang4 wo3 zhe4yang4de nü3hai2 ni3 bu4neng2 sui2bian4 ai4
(But) you can’t stand not to love a girl like me
(I am not absoultely sure this translation is punctual…)

書讀得不多 想法特別多
shu1 du2 debu4duo1 xiang3fa3 te4bie2 duo1
I don’t learn much, but I am full of ideas

mei3tian1dou1 yao4 he1 Yang3le4duo1
I drink Yakult (a yogurt brand) every day

朋友都愛我 男朋友更疼我
peng2you dou1 ai4 wo3 nan2peng2you geng4 teng2 wo3
All my friends love me, boys even fall in love with me

wei4shen2me zhi3neng2 jiao1 yi1ge4
— I can’t translate this… :-O —

像我這樣的女孩 有一點奇怪
像我這樣的女孩 有一點難猜
像我這樣的女孩 有那麼點不乖
像我這樣的女孩 你不能隨便愛

有時像天才 大部份在發呆you2shi2 xiang4 tian1cai2 da4bu4fen zai4 fa1dai1
Sometimes I am like a genius, (but) mostly I just stare blankly

愛哭 愛笑 愛吵 愛鬧 愛撒嬌
ai4 ku1 ai4 xiao4 ai4 chao3 ai4 nao4 ai4 sa1jiao1
I love to cry, love to laugh, love to make noise, love to hurly-burly, love to have a tantrum

一會兒要這樣 一會兒要那樣
yi1hui4er yao4 zhe4yang4 yi1hui4er yao4 na4yang4
I’m like this in a moment, like that in the next one

zi4ji3 dou1 gao3 bu4 dong3 zi4ji3
(Even) I myself don’t understand myself

o屋..天天 o屋..天天 o屋..天天 o屋..天天
o屋..天天 o屋..天天 o屋..天天 o屋..天天

像我這樣的女孩 有一點奇怪
像我這樣的女孩 你不能隨便愛


  1. Comment by linlin:

    Haha..!! wow.. this is really cool Ference.. I wonder .
    I like your song, its sounds a bit like me..:P

    translation for the fourth line , with the help of Google translate..:- (direct translation)

    像我這樣的女孩 你不能隨便愛

    Xiàng wǒ zhèyàng de nǚhái nǐ bùnéng suíbiàn ài
    A girl like me, you cannot simply love.

  2. Comment by linlin:

    Oh, I can’t see my previous answer to your blog.. anyway..

    wei4shen2me zhi3neng2 jiao1 yi1ge4

    I am sure..the meaning here will be “why can only going steady with one boyfriend” ( jiao here could be jiaowan- 交往 - I am not sure of the hanzi?? it could be right..) ..
    :) )

  3. Comment by linlin:

    Ferenc..!! I can’t see what I replied actually 2 replies..

  4. Comment by song:

    This is a dating song.. Dashu.. you are inlove??

  5. Comment by song:

    ..in another word..” Are you inlove?” ;P

  6. Comment by Ferenc:

    To Lin: Heyy, I can see them!:)
    The google translation can be correct, if we put the stress on “simply”, but it sounds a bit strange…
    I asked for help on a site for the other sentence, I want to make it cleat.
    Yes, I think there may be some qualities here that describe you, ha-ha.:)))

    Song: Ha-ha, whatta? What dating song?:)) I am hentai but not pedophiliac…:-O

  7. Comment by song:

    ..LOL :D oops!!!

  8. Comment by Ferenc:

    But from now on I’ll attach to the title “- A dating song -”

  9. Comment by song:

    Shushu… it seems a good idea too~

  10. Comment by Ferenc:

    Lin, I think your suggestion is right, that is the meaning.

    Thanks, Song, ha-ha…

  11. Comment by linlin:

    which one now.. I actually stated two and difference sentences.. :P

  12. Comment by Ferenc:

    另一个, 我早说是对的。.-)

  13. Comment by linlin:


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