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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Explosion steering

Filed under: General | 4/9/2014 @ 10:45 pm (Views: 5491)

Today is my day off . I take a recee and relax at my home.

I drove my car to sightseeing. After that I went back to my home.

Unfortunitely, I found my car  from the rear wheel which has explosion steering.

Therefore I drove my car to do the maintenance .

I thiught that if I not drove my car this afternoon the incident would not happened.

Anyway the case had been happened I need to face the reality.

On the other hand it is pretty fortune the incident make us not any

serious  injuried. Besides, my lovely kids do not accompany with my

trip this afternoon.


  1. Comment by Ferenc:

    I don’t often read technical descriptions…
    What is ” I found my car from the rear wheel which has explosion steering”?… You mean you had a tire blow out while you were driving?

  2. Comment by Piaget:

    yes correct

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