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Saturday, October 08, 2022
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wedding in fantasy

Filed under: Life Like Thatnina | 4/7/2007 @ 11:22 pm (Views: 2399)

sammy’s blog @ wretch is one of my top-viewed blogs. she just posted her wedding photos in 2000… after seeing those pics, something flashed into my head and said…

same time of last year, i asked my mom, “mom, what’d u do to the 回門 party if i will be married to an american and we must live in usa..” she was actually thinking.. then replied, “we’ll see when u truely get married to an american”

seeing sammy’s wedding photos, i just realized there’s still one more thing to worry about.. how will my parents communicate with my future husband? LOL  my parents aint no like doggy or wolfly, hell way too difficult

getting married to a westerner is every friend of mine’s dream! included me, myself! but to think seriously, i don’t even know if i will have a westerner b/f. it’s not like internet, i have tons of them, but in reality, guess i have no time for that right now…  we’ll see when i step into the cruel society, to see if i will still think the same as i do now


ps. katty, is that too long?  LOLLLLLLLLLLL


  1. Comment by 123:

    City, good. Hope one day, we all can see your wedding pics here.   See, city, you can write it well. GO GO GO. do it when you have free time.

  2. Comment by nina:

    my wedding photo?? oh plz, show me yours FIRST!

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