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Saturday, October 08, 2022
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not much

Filed under: Generalnina | 4/8/2007 @ 8:14 pm (Views: 2233)

just another same day passing by

surfing on net, reading friends’ blogs,…  two lovely rommates has not been back yet, i bet my cousin’s butt one of them’s in the traffic jam right now or earlier. she could not come back in time if she was on highway, well she IS on highway.  it’s been a lonely room where only my computer n i exist for these two days. 

why im writing this subject matters meaningless?? question marks overwhelming n can barely breathe. that! there! some whisper voice flowing through the breeze from my window, saying.. “u dumb as*, the lounge is right there saying hi n waving at u, get ur fingers type hello now. move!! move!!”

all of you have a great week =]


  1. Comment by 123:

    haha City:
    Find a bf la.lol  I think your rommates might meet the traffic jam because it is the last holiday for most ppl and they might be back to work or school today.

    City, GO GO GO

  2. Comment by nina:

    im eager to have one SOMETIMES
    but this is not the right time.
    every time is not the right time when ppl can’t find one. lol nahhh. its true on me thou!

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